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Transport & Marine Ltd

Our showroom and service centre NOW OPEN at 104 Niven Street, Onekawa, Napier.

Dennis Nisbet - Personal Profile

  • TML Company Director since May 1994
  • NZQA heavy automotive diesel engineer (Owned and operated large mechanical workshop 8yrs)
  • NZOM – NZ Offshore Master
  • Owned and operated NZ coastal fishing vessels
  • Operated inshore fishing vessels for RMD Marine
  • 6 years Remote Pacific Ocean work - Stoney Creek Shipping Co
  • Managing Director 44 South Shipping Co Ltd

Jason Rikkers - Personal Profile

Jason's career began in the automotive industry where he spent 10 years in spare parts for a multi franchise dealership. He then moved on into the marine industry where he spent 5 years as a shipping agent responsible for all aspects of shipping including importation, ship management, logistics, exports, multi personnel management.

Jason has completed many courses over his shipping career, some of which include DG courses, container management, Ship husbandry and logistics.

Jason then moved on to Engineering sales where he managed a large store and later went on the road as a sales representative where he was able to put himself into his customers environment and gain valuable knowledge and trust.

He has good knowledge of the marine industry and industrial engineering. Whilst working in the marine and industrial engineering field, Jason has gained respect from a large number of his customers for being honest, providing outstanding service and knowledge of products.
Jason will be a welcome addition to the team at TML and offers a vast range of knowledge and experience and complement the years of knowledge TML has to offer of excellent service and knowledge that customers expect.

Jason is excited and is keen now to begin his next journey by joining the company.

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Jason Rikkers - Sales Manager
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Dennis Nisbet - Managing Director
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PO Box 12166, Ahuriri, Napier, NZ
Phone +64 6 843 1150

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